J-Pitch Supported Films

Since its launch in 2006, J-Pitch has participated in Cannes, Shanghai, Paris, Toronto, Pusan, Rotterdam, Berlin, and Hong Kong, and provided Japanese producers with an opportunity to introduce their projects which aim at international co-productions. J-Pitch has also held the Project Development Workshop and International Co-Production Seminars.
Below listed are the projects produced through J-Pitch programs.

Films released in the fiscal year 2008

The Harimaya Bridge

Producer: Ko Mori
Director: Aaron Woolfolk
Japanese Release: 6-Jun-09
Country: Japan=U.S.A.=Korea
Project Market:
Rotterdam Lab2008(International Film Festival Rotterdam)

Image:The Harimaya Bridge©Harimaya Bridge, LLP

Producer's Comment

coming soon

On Next Sunday

Producer: Maki Uemura
Director: Satoki Kemmochi
Japanese Release: 11-Apr-09
Country: Japan
Project Market: PPP2007 (Pusan International Film Festival)


Producer's Comment

Since the main character of the story was a Korean girl studying in Japan, I had some scenes planned to be shot in Korea and I attended PPP with the following purpose. 1. Seeking for the possibility of co-production, 2. getting to know the shooting conditions in Korea (function of FC),3. getting information of actors for casting,4. researching the release information of Japanese movies in Korea.
Not only did we attend the meetings which were arranged by PPP but also visited companies which had booth and discussed about the possibility of production, distribution and investment. To the companies which showed some interest on our project, we handed Korean translated scripts and kept in touch with them even after we left Korea. We didn’t get to co-produce but, it was a great chance for us to know the Korean market.
I believe that we will have a chance to work with the people we’ve met there in the future. I am also very grateful to J-Pitch staff to support this film even after PPP. I hope that I can apply this experience to my future movie making.

Crime or Punishment?!?

Producer: Norio Enomoto
Director: Kerallino Sandrovich
Japanese Release: 28-Feb-09
Country: Japan
Project Market:
Producers Network 2006 (Cannes Film Festival)

Image:Crime or Punishment?!?©2009“Crime or Punishment?!?” Production Committee

Producer's Comment

Pitching my own project to producers from abroad was such a valuable experience for me. I even learned the English word “Pitch” from this experience. Unlike other producers in Japan, I value plot the most and because of that, I pitched emphasizing on the story. Since I heard that lot of oversea producers are like me valuing the plot and the story, it was surprising and pity to know that many of the European producers were valuing on the director or the scheme more than the plot.
I also had a chance to see European producers do their pitching, but I thought many of the stories were rather weak.
I must admit that the story that I brought to this market was not so much suitable for international co-producing.
Through J-pitch project, I had a chance to go to Hong Kong and Shanghai to find Asian partners to coproduce. I’m still working on the project, and trying my best to make it happen.