Date: January 24 – 29, 2009
Place: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2009  CineMart, Rotterdam Lab

CineMart is the oldest project market in the world. Many meetings with people from European and other film industry will be set during the market. There are also many opportunities to get networking with oversea guests. Since this project market is annexed to International Film Festival Rotterdam, many of the projects are independent.
During the project market, workshop for emerging producers is held for 5 days.
This is not public recruitment and only the markets that have partnership can attend.
J-Pitch is able to attend the lab because it has partnership with CineMart and Rotterdam Lab.





Since this year’s official selected project ‘My Back Page’ was more likely a domestic project, it seemed that there was not much international co-production element to it. But since, director and producer of the project had years of experience, many meetings had been arranged during the project market.
In this year’s Rotterdam Lab, an instructor from Binger Filmlab (Amsterdam, Holland based) was invited and participants could gain realistic knowledge about international approach from the lab.

CineMart Program

  • Business Meeting
  • Attending Networking Reception

Rotterdam Lab Program

  • Attending the Matching & Dating
    -Speed matching session
    Introducing one selves to Rotterdam Lab. Market attendants can freely come in , so there will be opportunities for attendants to expand the networking.
    -Speed dating
    Speed dating with Panelist of Sales & Distribution and with people from Film Industry in Europe
  • Panelists visit around the tables where 6 to 8 attendants sits and do the Qs.
    -Attending the seminars
    ‘The Art of Co-Producing’ Getting information to succeed in coproducing with European countries.
    ‘About CineMart’
    ‘Planning and developing and marketing using the online tool’
    ‘Eurimages / Fund system of Europe’
  • Work shop ‘Rotterdam Lab Project Why DIY? ~Attending ‘The possibility of Own distribution’
  • Presentation & Discussion ‘The possibility of Own distribution’
  • Attending Welcome Cocktail Rotterdam Labo(Hosted by:Rotterdam Film Fund, Rotterdam Film Commission)
  • Luncheon and cocktail hosted by CineMart
  • Attending Industry Party(Hosted by:MEDIA, Variety, City of Rotterdam, Holland Film & Rotterdam Film Commission)


CineMart Official Selection
‘My Back Page’
Director:Nobuhiro Yamashita
Producer:Yuji Sadai(Bitters End, Inc)

Rotterdam Lab Attendants
Minoru Kurimura(Nine Miles Inc.)
Tomoko Mikuni(DJANGO FILM, Inc)