Date: June 17 & 18, 2008
Place: Co-production Film Pitch and Catch (Co-FPC), Shanghai International Film Festvial

Project market established by the Shanghai International Film Festival in 2007. Applicant projects are required to posses the possibility for co-production with China (shot in China, use of Chinese director or actors, etc.). As the only project market held in the Chinese mainland, one of its features is the large number of major Chinese companies that attend which can not be seen anywhere else.




Compared to 2007, with the influence of Beijing Olympic awaiting and dynamic economical growth attached to that, Co-FPC in 2008 had more people arriving.
Although there was only one day for meeting, since some Japanese producers had already co-produced a film with China, they could have a fruitful time with having to meet the right person for their project.
Since most of the main Chinese companies joined not only from Beijing and Shanghai but also from the main land, for projects which focused on Chinese market, it became a place where they could meet many people efficiently.


  • Joined to business meeting
    Matching for the official selected projects with International producers arranged by Co-FPC. Twice a day, morning and afternoon followed by lunchtime. In this lunchtime, J-Pitch opened the lunch reception with Shanghai International Film Festival and introduced the Japanese producers.
  • Joint Co-production seminar.
    -‘Opportunity and Breakthrough: Through Comprehension of Chinese-Foreign Film Co-production’
    Year 2007 witnessed the initiative of capital operation in Chinese film industry. In and out of the industry, capital operators are searching for opportunities to get into the Chinese film market. Well then, what kind of Chinese film enterprises will be appealing to capital? Which aspect among production, distribution and exhibition in this market is believed to be ready for capital operation? How many Chinese enterprises have got themselves prepared for challenges brought by capital operators? What's more, how should Chinese film enterprises cope with the new pattern of distribution of benefits and responsibilities in the marriage of the Chinese film industry and the global capital market? This case study aimed to make industry people understand deeply about the Chinese policy through this seminar for proceeding co-production with China.
  • Joint Roundtable
    -‘Female Filmmaker’s Roundtable: Women’s Film and Women in Film’
    Having a round table with female directors and producers as guests. The topic of the conversation was about feminine sense of beauty.

Co-FPC Official Participants

‘Déjà vu Cities‘
Producer:Atsushi Funahashi Village Productions
Producer: Shozo Ichiyama Office Kitano

‘The Chronicle of Blue Wolf’
Producer: Tomoko Fushimi Running Beagle LLC

Producer: Satoru Iseki Tara Contents Inc.